Friday, 6 October 2017

Garmin and Strava Sparta craziness

Just recording this in case Garmin and/or Strava might want to have a test.

  • Watch (Forerunner 630) started 0700 Greece time on 29th September
  • GPS in Ultratrac mode
  • Spartathlon course run in 34:56 but watch not stopped until 23 mins after finish (~18:19 Greece time on 30th September)
  • Watch was charged using a mobile USB charger at around 20 hours.  Definitely not turned off or stopped/paused during the race.    Finished with good battery life.

Garmin Ultratrac goes long by around 26kms (understandable due to the sampling but worth noting):

On upload to Strava, I get a course record time of 16hrs 18mins:

Trying to edit the run to correct things.   The time and distance are actually uneditable:

But, pressing "Save" seems to smooth things out a bit, the elapsed time and the splits get closer to what I would expect.  Seems like the "Moving Time" is determined to stick at 16hrs 18mins though.

I have the Garmin ".FIT" file and a GPX generated by Strava if you're interested Garmin/Strava... seems to be no way to attach them here.


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